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Crossy Road Latest Update: New Playable Characters

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. It’s a riddle we all know well. Most people find it funny, others may find it annoying. Well, whatever you feel about this riddle, you’ll definitely enjoy playing this simple action title. Crossy Road is an awesome action arcade game developed and published by Hipster Whale. Your straightforward goal is to help a certain chicken cross the road, river, and train tracks.

The gameplay and controls are easy to learn. All you need to do is move the character between roads to help them across. Be warned, as there are fast-moving vehicles that pass by at a moment’s notice. Try your best to time your movements so you won’t get run over. There’s a trick to every level, and you’ll eventually learn how to play the game with a little practice. Aside from crossing roads, you might also encounter railroads where speedy trains pass by. There’s also a river stage where you need to jump between logs to get across the map.

Another great feature of this game is that there are many different characters for you to use. You can help a mad bull, a crab, and even a wolf cross the road. In fact, the game’s developers constantly add new characters to the game. In their most recent update, two new characters were added. Let us discuss more in this article about who they are.

The Two Newest Characters In Crossy Road

One of the latest characters that Crossy Road is rolling out is the blonde Cheerleader. She sports a red cheerleading outfit, has red and white pom poms, and white shoes. When you play her, you can really see that she’s a cheerleader true and through.

crossy road PC update

Whenever she moves, she mimics certain cheerleader actions like raising her hands or her feet. The Cheerleader is available for free, so you will be able to use her once you update your Crossy Road game. Playing the cheerleader will also unlock a special prop in Crossy Road. And that is a group of cheerleaders forming pyramids on the grass part of the map. You might think it’s cute but that prop actually serves a purpose.

This is because the second character in Crossy Road is a secret but unlockable character. You will need the help of the cheerleader to unlock this mysterious figure. We’ll guide you on how to get this new crosser.

Unlocking The New Secret Character in Crossy Road

When the developers of Crossy Road updated the game’s content, they added two new characters for players to use. The first one was the cheerleader and she was available for free. The other one is a secret character that you need to unlock first. To get the new character, you will need the Cheerleader’s help.

You just need the Cheerleader to walk through 20 cheerleader pyramids in the game. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to do this in just one game. You can do this in multiple rounds, so there’s no need to worry about getting eliminated and starting again from scratch. So you can play a game, pass by five cheerleader pyramids, get hit, start again and walk through another five.

This would bring your total to 10! Just do another ten cheerleader pyramid walk-throughs, and you’ll complete the challenge. After completing the challenge, the secret character will become available to use and it’s the Marathon Runner.

crossy road unlock character

The Marathon Runner Character

You can clearly see from the appearance that the new character is a marathon runner. He wears a blue jersey with a flag and black shorts. He’s also wearing a wristband on his right wrist, grey socks, and orange shoes with white soles. When you use him, you can also see that he runs like a marathon runner.

And he also seems to move faster than the Cheerleader. Like the Cheerleader, the Marathon Runner will also have a prop when you use him. You’ll notice people shouting at him using a megaphone as he runs on the grass area of the map. It’s just another aesthetic unique to the Marathon Runner. There are no more characters you need to unlock.

Final Thoughts

The two new characters in Crossy Road add a new dynamic to the game, making it more exciting to play. The secret character addition was a nice touch. It gives players a new challenge to work on, as well as bragging rights once they’ve completed it. The new props definitely add flavor to the characters and make them more unique. Fans of the game can expect more surprises from the devs in the future. If you want to give the new crossers a shot, then it’s time to download and play Crossy Road on PC! You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the road-crossing fun!