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6 Tips to Get Higher Scores in Crossy Road

The objective of Crossy Road is quite straightforward. You just have to pass through endless stretches of roads and rivers while dodging all sorts of dangers around you. If you keep dying within the first few minutes, you can’t achieve a high score in the game. So if you want to set a good record in Crossy Road, we have listed some tips and strategies for you.

1. Switch to Landscape Mode

Covering long distances and getting a high score is the primary goal in Crossy Road. But if you are planning to unlock new characters and features, collecting coins should be your priority. Anyway, if you are aiming for a high score, you must play in landscape mode as this gives you a wider view of the lanes ahead of you. You will see where traffic is going and the dangers that are up ahead as well. Doing this will increase your chances of effectively avoiding obstacles on the road.

2. Don’t Try to Mind Your Score

This does not mean that you should not care about your score. However, minding it too much during gameplay will only distract you from focusing on the road. There’s an easy way to track your score (if you like). That’s because the game makes a sound whenever you get 50 points. So just listen for this sound to estimate your score!

3. Find Your Spirit Animal

Most of the characters in Crossy Road are based on animals. You get Cats, Frogs, Ducks, Dog, Sheep, Goat, and so much more. There are also monsters like Zombies, Vampires, and Ghosts. For the most part, you won’t really see much difference among the characters, but each of them has special sounds and effects that could make the gameplay more fun and satisfying for you.


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4. Watch Out for the Police Car

Police cars seldomly appear on Crossy Road. However, these cars travel twice as fast compared to other cars, so you need to be careful around them. Watch out for the signs of their approach! Usually, the screen will flash red and blue lights and you will hear a siren wailing from a distance.

5. Take A Break on the Grass

In Crossy Road, grassy areas are basically safe spaces. But even if you can rest in such areas, you must still be on the guard and focus on what’s coming up ahead. You can only take a few seconds of breather here.

6. Crank the Sound

Playing Crossy Road is so much better with the sounds on. Sounds help you become more aware of upcoming dangers or hazards. As mentioned earlier, you could also tell that a police car is coming due to the siren sounds it makes. Most of all, the sound can tell you if you scored another 50 points!

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy! The point of playing Crossy Road is to have fun and enjoy a less competitive type of gameplay. So just focus on your character and try to survive for as long as you can! Download it on your PC now and play it for free!