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10 Tips to Cross Faster in Crossy Road

Crossy Road is probably one of the simplest but most addictive crossing games out there. It is reminiscent of the classic Frogger game that you probably spent hours playing on your brick game before. The game does not have an exact finish line, you just have to cross and get as far as you can to collect coins and accumulate a high score.

Sounds simple and easy, right? If you have already played the game, you probably realize by now that you would get hit or squashed before you can get very far. So to give you some advantages, here are some tips that you might want to take note of.

1. Look Ahead

Try not to focus too much on your character as you play. It will only hinder you from seeing what’s about to come in front of you. You should look ahead and defocus your eyes for a bit to get a good view of everything before you.

2. Tap Behind the Character

The only way you can get far in the game is by playing with a clear view. And in Crossy Road, the only thing that could obscure your view is when you tap on a space in front of your character. That said, you must always tap behind them. This goes hand in hand with the first tip.

However, take note that you should not go too far as it will be registered as a side swipe. The best thing to do is use A and D as side swipe controls, and use your mouse’s left button for tapping your character forward (assuming you are playing the game on PC).

3. Do Some Backtracking

There will be instances that you would commit a misstep and be in danger of getting stumped by a car, Dinosaur, or some other object. When this happens, you can move a step or two backward. But make sure to take the moving screen into consideration, you have to move ahead fast as well.

4. Side Swipe

You might find yourself waiting for a lane to clear up and realize you are wasting your time. Instead of standing idly and risking getting snatched by a Hawk or Eagle, you can move swiftly to the side and change lanes. Just make sure that the other lane is free from obstacles, otherwise, you would get squashed too. This trick also works when you are moving with slow logs in the river.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Close

The quickest way to cross a street fast is to jump as close as you can near the back of passing vehicles. As soon as a car passes by, jump immediately after it. This gives you more time to pass before the other cars pass by the front lanes.


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6. Don’t Get Close to the Rivers

As much as possible, stay in the center and keep an eye out for white water breaks on the sides of the river. If you have to cross towards either side, take note of the patterns before you cross the river.

7. Don’t Be So Greedy

Collecting coins is also one of the objectives of the game. Having enough coins allows you to unlock new playable characters. You can get more coins by crossing terrains or just by simply watching short video ads.

However, don’t be fixated on coin collecting alone, or you might meet an early demise just for the sake of a coin. Remember, the main goal here is to cross more roads and cover longer distances. Collecting coins is just secondary.

8. Sprint Whenever You Can

You might come across instances in the game where you can sprint within 3 or 4 lanes straight. When a set of clear paths present itself, grab the opportunity! Successfully crossing more lanes will get you further in the game and give you a high score. However, be careful not to get too excited when you see consecutive clear lanes. You still have to stay alert in case an obstacle suddenly shows up.

9. Look Out for Patterns

If you are close enough, you will discover that each section of traffic on the road and river follows a particular pattern. Unfortunately, you can’t stand idly on a lane to look and wait for it to show itself. You will have to be very observant to notice this. As you cross the terrain, watch how the traffic flows and how fast it moves. If you can find the pattern, you can pretty much predict where to move next.

10. No Need to Spend Real Bucks

Crossy Road is a free-to-play game and it’s also quite generous too. The game constantly gives players free gifts at regular intervals. You can even collect coins just by watching short ads. There’s no need for you to spend a dime here. But if you do have 99 cents to spare, then go ahead and purchase the game! That’s how you can express support for the developers too.

So are you ready to cross a busy and unpredictable track? Don’t be scared.  Download and Play Crossy Road today and see how far you can go!