Play Crossy Road on PC – Download Original Arcade Game For Free

What do you get when you combine Frogger and PAC-MAN? You get Crossy Road Download! It’s a fast-casual arcade game where you must cross the road as much as you can. However, going through each lane presents multiple challenges: cars, traps, running rivers, and predatory animals. How long can you go? Play Crossy Road original for the PC today! Get the game for free and you won’t need to run Steam anymore.  Play the game directly on your desktop without booting any 3rd party applications.


Why Did The Chicken Crossy Road?

Initially, your first character is a chicken – which was obviously based on the joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” We’ll never know why the chicken wants to cross so many roads but it sure looks fun as it is dangerous! Or maybe the chicken just wanted to collect coins? We won’t know for sure.


Simple Cross Controls

You only need four buttons: up, down, left, and right. Because in a casual game where you just cross the road, do you really need any other buttons besides directional? However, not a lot of simple games can achieve this. If you’re a meticulous gamer, you know of a certain flaw on the game controls known as input lag. To summarize, input lag is the delay between pressing a button and for the game to perform the action.


In the case of Crossy Road arcade, controls feel highly responsive – not an ounce of lag at all. Moving feels like a breeze; natural as you press whichever direction you want to take. It doesn’t take Rocket Science to fully master the controls, although how you play the game depends on your concentration.


Tentative Level Design

Each time you respawn, the game’s only stage – the city – doesn’t even look similar to your previous playthrough. Every match feels different, every road becomes unpredictable, and every danger becomes spontaneous.

Some cars may move very fast in the beginning. In other times, you might spawn in front of 3 consecutive railroad tracks. Sometimes, you’ll face quick-drifting logs on the river.

And that’s what makes Crossy Road fun: the unpredictability of each playthrough. Points are based on every road you successfully pass through. There’s a leaderboard too so do check out other players and see if you can match them.


Danger in Every Second

As far as spontaneous level design is a concern, this game is full of dangers – which makes it good! Cars can flatten you, water can sink you down, rivers will take you to waterfalls and even hawks will eat you up if you stand still for too long. Just like I said earlier; this game is fun as it is dangerous.

It took heavy inspiration from Frogger – a classic game where you control a frog to help him cross the road and the river.  Just like Frogger, you will need to traverse every road and cheat death. But unlike the classic arcade game, Crossy Road is endless. The only way to put it to a halt is to eliminate yourself however you want.


Gorgeous 8-Bit-Style Graphics

Powered by the Unity engine, visuals in Crossy Road look very appealing. It has a very “gamer” feel with lots of 8-bit models and combined with high-rendered textures that makes this look like a professionally-developed game rather than something creepy and pasty.

Don’t worry about the specs either: the game does not demand top hardware to get the game running smoothly at 60 fps.


Lots of Characters to Unlock

Within the game’s core, Crossy Road features up to 150 characters and counting! Getting them occurs randomly via the slot machine. It’s pretty much gacha but something you won’t ever need to pay with real money for. Instead, you can do gacha rolls using the coins you collect in the game. Characters range from barn animals such as pigs, ducks, and cows, pets like dogs and cats, to miscellaneous creatures such as rubber ducks, robot chickens and balloon dogs.

Aside from animals, humans want to cross the road too! Unlock the President, a high school girl, a ninja, a construction worker, a hobo and… some Youtubers?


Little to No Ads

Sometimes it’s annoying whenever a game abruptly stops to show you ads. Fortunately, this game does not do that to you, resulting in a more natural flow whenever you play. The only time it will show up ads is when you want an extra life or extra gold. Sounds fair, looks fair, plays fair. I hope more free to play casual games followed the same examples.


Easy to Play on PC

To play Crossy Road free online directly on the desktop, click the download button located on this page. Once you finished the download, simply follow the installation guide. When done, the game will finally be available on the desktop. Double click it and you’re ready to play. Don’t forget to use your Google Play Store account. Get the Crossy Road download here or try out Angry Birds for free.

Game Features

  • Simple Controls
  • Visually-Appealing 3D 8-bit Graphics in HD
  • Every Second Feels Action-Packed
  • Unlock More than 150 Playable Characters
  • Barely Any Ads Running in the Game

Play Crossy Road now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Crossy Road Screenshot
Crossy Road Screenshot

Play Crossy Road on PC – Download Original Arcade Game For Free